A Wonderful Weekend and Some Pictures

The weekend was absolutely wonderful. It was cold and sunny which is perfect. Saturday was spent at the Cheese and Wine Festival on the Southbank. We bought some delicious sharp cheddar and pepper salami. No wine since we biked down to it and didn’t want to carry it back.

Here was the table with macarons and gluten free brownies. Oliver couldn’t resist not getting a brownie. He said mine were better. 🙂 That always makes me feel good.

The macarons looked delicious! But they were really expensive.

Here was my table sent from heaven!! It was one of many cheese booths and oh man! I’ll take one of everything please!!!

On Sunday we took a long bike ride to Regent’s Park. We decided to go and discover the Regent’s Canal. The walk along the canal is great and it kind of makes you forget you are in the middle of a HUGE city. It goes along the back of the zoo and its cages for a bit, but we didn’t see any animals in their cages, sadly. The house boats are so picturesque on the canal but I have no idea how people live on them! They were so small. But they add to the charm of the canal so I’m glad they are there.

This week has started out pretty busy and doesn’t seem to be letting up. But the relaxing weekend really helped prepare for the week.

I can’t help but look forward to Christmas hitting London. The decorations start coming out beginning of November and I am really excited!!

I leave you leaves.

Have a wonderful week!!


About Mandy

I'm a Texas girl living in London having the time of my life. I'm just trying to savor every moment of it.
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One Response to A Wonderful Weekend and Some Pictures

  1. Christmas in London is MAGIC!!!! :))

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