Christmas has hit Oxford Street!

We went down to Oxford Street last night and it was amazing! The huge stars were beautiful and I loved the cute umbrellas! I couldn’t figure out why there were umbrellas, except that it does rain a lot here and I hardly leave the house without mine.

The department stores had decorated the outsides of their stores so cool! I have no idea how long it takes them to put up their lights, but it ist just incredible.

Debenhams was my favorite, I think. The solid wall of multi colored lights was just too fun.

As far as classy decor goes, Selfridges took the cake. The lit greenery around the ground floor was beautiful. AND the lights played christmas carols. So when you got close, you heard the music. And I just love the purple lights shone on the building. It all complimented the architecture of the building perfectly.

 Marks and Spencer went for a more nostalgic theme. It reminded me of old Coke-a-Cola Christmas ads. They really needed the Santa up there. That would have just made it perfect.

It’s had to believe that Christmas decorations are already going up but it is pretty cold here so it seems kind of fitting. And it’s getting dark earlier and earlier (4:30!) so it sure makes you feel like winter is here.


About Mandy

I'm a Texas girl living in London having the time of my life. I'm just trying to savor every moment of it.
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One Response to Christmas has hit Oxford Street!

  1. Ashley says:

    I love the umbrellas too! I wish that was happening here. The mall has Christmas things up and I’m going to decorate next week. I am already in full Christmas mode!

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