Summer, I guess.

I’m dying for some heat and sunshine. It’s been a grey week filled with rain and cold wind. It’s July.

I really want to be outside in a tank top and shorts, eating ice cream or swimming in a pool. I daydream about it sometimes. Oh Texas, I miss you.

However we did have a nice week with temperatures in the low 20s with sun two weeks ago. And my best friend was in town so it was perfect timing. It was like she brought the sunshine and I couldn’t have been more thrilled to have her here.

But the sun is gone. It’s hard to accept that it’s just not going to be sunny and hot this summer. (I hope I write this and jinx us so the complete opposite happens) I have come to believe that England is just not sunny or hot very often. Last summer was cold and this summer is not looking great. I’m trying to keep a positive attitude about it, but the weather sure isn’t making it easy on me.

However the flowers are all out and that is one of my favorite things about being here. The Lavender at the Tower of London looks so great. I’ve been buying fresh flowers weekly to brighten up the flat. The peonies definitely help.


About Mandy

I'm a Texas girl living in London having the time of my life. I'm just trying to savor every moment of it.
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