Poddin’ Peas

Living in Texas, I honestly don’t think I ever saw peas in a pod. I assumed that they never made it to the store in pods and were only sold frozen. Then I moved here and have discovered peas in their pods! And they are delicious. So delicious. It’s like I didn’t know what a pea really tasted like. I find it very relaxing to pod peas. Sunday, when it was rainy and gross outside as usual, I just sat and podded peas and watched a movie. It’s really exciting when you get a pod jam-packed with peas. A tight row of little fat green orbs. That sounds sad, but it’s the little things in life… And honestly if you’ve ever podded peas I think you’ll agree.

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Summer, I guess.

I’m dying for some heat and sunshine. It’s been a grey week filled with rain and cold wind. It’s July.

I really want to be outside in a tank top and shorts, eating ice cream or swimming in a pool. I daydream about it sometimes. Oh Texas, I miss you.

However we did have a nice week with temperatures in the low 20s with sun two weeks ago. And my best friend was in town so it was perfect timing. It was like she brought the sunshine and I couldn’t have been more thrilled to have her here.

But the sun is gone. It’s hard to accept that it’s just not going to be sunny and hot this summer. (I hope I write this and jinx us so the complete opposite happens) I have come to believe that England is just not sunny or hot very often. Last summer was cold and this summer is not looking great. I’m trying to keep a positive attitude about it, but the weather sure isn’t making it easy on me.

However the flowers are all out and that is one of my favorite things about being here. The Lavender at the Tower of London looks so great. I’ve been buying fresh flowers weekly to brighten up the flat. The peonies definitely help.

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The Weekend

Friday. Finally. Was it only a four day week this week because it felt pretty full. The sun has finally come out and it makes me remember why London is so great. Everyone is out at the pubs and in much better spirits. The rain just gets you down after so long.

I have a dinner out planned at someone Oliver knows’ restaurant. I’ve heard it’s delicious so I’m really excited about it. And as much as I love cooking at home, sometimes I just want to go out to eat. If not just so someone else can do the washing up.

I have a big suprise trip this weekend that I’m so thrilled about. Going to a place of sunshine and warm weather. AND an exciting new person to meet.

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May Day

Today is May Day and this flower wreath reminded me of the romantic version of the Spring festivals that used to celebrate today.  I had no idea today was a “take-off-work” holiday in so many countries. One of the many things I’m learning by living in Europe.

There is some sunshine peaking out of the clouds right now and I’m dreaming of warmer weather and, dare I say, sandles and tank tops. *sigh

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Rain, Rain, Go Away

I am dying for some sunshine! It has rained every day for the last two weeks with no sign of letting up. And it’s been cold. I’m just not used to this. It’s slightly depressing. I’m so thankful for my wellies but I’m soooo tired of wearing them.


I’m hoping these April showers are going to bring amazing May flowers.


We had a brief, two day break from England last week. I was in Athens where the sun was shining and it was 25 degrees C. Glorious! I even sunburned. It felt so good. I had delicious food, great wine and lots of vitamin D.

Then we landed back home and were met with rain and cold.

It’s also difficult when my friends and family in Texas are saying it’s over 30 degrees already and they are in tank tops and dresses without tights. Sounds so nice. However, I will hold out hope that a beautiful summer is coming to England. A summer filled with Pimms, picnics, and lots of sun. When it’s a beautiful day in England it really is like nowhere else. Just fabulous. So I’ll just dream of that and in the mean time throw on my wellies and rain coat and look to the sky for that sliver of sunshine.

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Spring Time at Last!

Spring time is here in England. Finally. Thank god. I could not be happier. A break from wearing a heavy coat. Sitting in the sunshine at lunchtime. Daffodils and tulips popping up all over town…. It’s wonderful!! I’ve filled my home with fresh flowers and have thrown open the curtains to let in all the sunlight. It’s so nice to not be walking home from work in the dark. I’m dreaming of summer that feels right around the corner.

This weekend I’m hoping to stop by the market to pick up some of the lovely berries that are filling farmers’ stands. I also have some massive cleaning to do after a 7 day visit from my parents.

I had forgotten how much I love cooking with my mother. We don’t get to do it very often seeing as I have not lived at home in almost 10 years, but being in the kitchen with her is always fun and enjoyable. We did a lot of cooking together this week including a very ambitious triple layer strawberry cake for my dad’s birthday. Mom was a little thrown off by European baking recipes but I got her on board and the cake turned out delicious! There was roast duck breast with orange sauce, mini fruit sponge cakes, pad thai, a delicious and warming chicken soup… It was all great. And I think food always tastes better when it’s been made with laughter and love. And with my mother both are always prevalent.


I’m hoping for a weekend spent enjoying the sun, reading books in bed, & eating tasty dinners and drinking delicious wines.


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Brighton Beach

I went to visit a friend in Brighton this week. It rained and was cold. Not really the weather I had in mind for my first time to see the English coast.

In no way did I look as fashionable as the models in the new Mulberry ad.

AND when were the girls in England wearing shorts??? Unless it was the one day last summer in October where the weather was over 25, it was never warm enough to wear shorts.

However, Brighton was cute and seemed to have a really great vibe going on. Lots of adorable restaurants and hotels. Very different than London although my friend told me it was called the London of the South. No idea why.

Now it’s Tuesday and I’m prepping for my family to come visit next week. I’m so excited! I’m praying for sunshine and not too much rain. It would just make it so much nicer.

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